I recently returned from the BadAss Breakthrough Adventure over New Years and can’t say enough about this amazing, transformative experience. Many thanks to Christopher Stubs and Marci Lock for leading this adventure, as well as to the warriors that went through this process with me.

I wanted to share a few of the amazing insights I obtained through this experience…(referring to my 90+ pages of notes now:))

1. You are one idea or connection away from total abundance. — The take away is don’t give up. Keep going. Even if you FEEL LIKE – you’ve hit the end of your rope, persevere. Be open to that idea, be curious, and be open to that one connection that WILL change everything for you.

2. Meditation – People have told me for years that meditation “would be good for me.” Last year I got trained in TM (Transcendental Meditation) but never really did it. This experience made the critical importance of daily meditation really sink in. Meditating quiets the mind…and allows you to access a higher conciousness…It can give you answers you have been seeking and creates a solid foundation for a positive, unshakeable mindset.

Here are 3 great meditations, each for a different situation:

Meditation 1: “Breathe in, Breathe Out” — Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out (on a slow 6-count) simply say in your mind: “Breathe In, Breathe Out.” If your attention wanders, which it WILL. All good…Just simply gently, redirect your awareness to the mantra, and repeat.

Meditation 2: “I Wonder…” If you have been gritting your teeth trying to find a solution to a problem, be it business, personal, or creative project…this is AWESOME.

Sit back in a comfortable position, or even in a bath…close your eyes, and say in your mind…”Hmmm…..” or “I wonder….” and in the back on your conciousness think about the thing you have been wondering about. Gently let the answers come to you…This is also a great meditation to gently move your body. If you are in a bathtub, you can sway your shoulders a bit.

Mediation 3: “Upper Limits Meditation”
All problems are “upper-limits” problems, meaning each of us has an internal thermostat which regulates the amount of awesomeness we can tolerate at any one given moment in time. — Which is why the average person is only in a positive flow in the mind for about 15 seconds before a negative thought comes in to lower the vibration to a “tolerable emoticon — It’s also why, oftentimes, if things are going amazingly well in one area of our lives, we create a drama in another area of our life…because our internal thermostat isn’t comfortable with having it be THAT amazing (in all areas concurrently).) The key is to #1. Be aware of upper limits issues and 2 – try out this mantra while meditating:

“I expend with abundance, love and success everyday, while I inspire others to do the same.”

Say that mantras while breathing in and out on a 6 count, then do 2 breathes with silence in your mind. The 2 breaths of silence are important because that provides “room” for your internal resistance to show up. (i.e. – the voice that says: “Bullshit”
“The only place you are expanding to is homelessness” etc etc etc:) — The resistance WILL show up and that’s awesome, just keep breathing, let it pass and return to the mantra, that resistance will diminish and fade away.

If you would like to learn more about upper limits issues, listen to the fantastic audio-book: “The Big Leap.”

— At a minimum 2x a day: Once in the morning after breakfast and before bed.
— Ideally 4x a day
— for at least 5 minutes, ideally 20 min each session.

Create 4 different meditation times on your smartphone’s “TIMER”
app: 5, 10, 15, and 20 min. Set the alarm tone to something soothing.

When ready to meditate. Put your phone on “airplane mode.” start the time that works for you. Enjoy.:)_

3. Yes there’s one more! Get comfortable saying: “I look forward to losing all my money” Stay with me on this one:) — This is not literally about having a sincere desire for emoticon Rather it’s about letting go of any bullshit stories you may have been telling yourself, either consciously or unconsciously that your value or worth is somehow tied to the “stuff you have” or the amount of money in your account.

Try this on for size: Say the phrase above and see how it feels. Uncomfortable. Are you thinking F-that? Good. Then think about this. If you are uncomfortable with that then you may be attaching some of your worth to “the stuff” you have. They key is to get to a place where you realize your worth is exact the same, regardless of your possessions, if you are in a relationship, etc etc, etc etc. The TRUTH is you are a perfect spiritual being having a human experience. Sometimes, the greater the success, the greater the fear of loss. Embrace that phrase. Realize your value, and shift that part of your consciousness that been occupied by fear, with one of curiosity and excitement. Namaste.

By: Chris Chickering

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