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    You’ve come along way in such a short period of your life. You have accomplished much, but with humility. Keep that, and you will go far young man. I’m an old woman not Ito HipHop, but you have a beautiful voice.. Expand it in different areas and see where it will lead you.
    Keep the pride within you, you deserve it but don’t let the world change you on your way. Many Bkessings

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    Human Diaries

    A person who bonds with his family and fans will reach high heights. We were pleased to interview “Mitch” and learn about his music. He is a young full of energy and have a bright future ahead :)

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    Melissa Mistretta

    Cheers to “Mitch” and all that he has accomplished so far! The entertainment industry is far from easy, yet true talent will shine through. Best of luck to him. I know some day he will get that house for his Mom. I’m sure she is super proud of him!

    Melissa :)

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