The Gomi Speaker is designed to be an everyday essential; it provides great quality music without the guilt of harming the environment in the process.

Pairing two Gomi Speakers creates a wireless true stereo system with mind-blowing sound quality, and enough volume capacity to be loud enough to provide music for a small event. Gomi Speakers can be paired seamlessly with your phone, laptop or tablet to play your favorite music anywhere, anytime! The Gomi Speakers offer a 10M+ range. 

Sound specs

Gomi Portable Speakers have a dynamic, immersive, loud sound, powered by:

  • 1 x High-end custom neodymium driver
  • 1 x Premium oversized bass-radiator
  • 1 Litre air-tight chamber made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection to play your music at a 10 meter range from your phone, tablet or laptop
  • AUX input port to connect your non-Bluetooth enabled devices 
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing between two Gomi Speakers to play your favourite songs in true-stereo (and definitely loud enough to power a small event!)
Gomi Speakers

Tech specs

  • Fast Charging via USB-C at up to 15W, fully-charging in just 2 hours
  • Battery capacity of 2.85Ah, with over 20 hours of battery life for playing your favourite tunes at 16.8V
  • Repurposed e-bike batteries are all checked and tested with over 99% capacity,  ensuring the Gomi Speakers will last a long life!

Color options

Gomi Speaker colour options are: 

Black & White, Blue Ocean, Lime Green, and Birthday Cak

Gomi Speaker
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