Smartmi Air Purifer

Smartmi is one of the most popular air purifier manufacturers who is serving over 10 million users all over the world. The team has been on a mission to make that a reality, by creating the best air purification technology at a price point everyone can afford. And they’ve done it with Smartmi P1!

Smartmi P1 actively monitors and cleans the air in your home by trapping 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter. It features a powerful 250m³/h CADR that purifies 200 sq. ft in 10 minutes. The air in your room can be cleaned 6+ times within 1 hour and cover up to 320 sq. ft. Specially designed for sensitive people, its dual laser particle sensors detect pollen & other harmful particles. In auto mode, Smartmi P1 will adjust the fan speed according to the real-time air quality, and it operates as quietly as only 19 dB.

Smartmi Air Purifer
Smartmi Air Purifer
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