Lomography Atoll

Stop still amid the sea of city-slickers coursing through the gritty streets, wade deep into the dark-green forest and swim among the towering pines, cast off into the sandy desert, voyage into vast open vistas, surf the sidewalk, cruise through the crowds and glide along the great open road. Take a deep breath, dive in with your eyes wide open, set your sights on new ultra-wide possibilities and drench every inch of your shots in stunning detail with the Lomography Atoll Ultra-Wide Art Lens.

With the Lomography Atoll Ultra-Wide Art Lens you will see the world like never before. Now you can capture landscape, action, street and travel photography as well as breathtaking film from dynamic documentary to awe-inspiring action-adventure in jaw-dropping detail with digital and analogue cameras. Your ultra-wide shots will exaggerate relative size and boast impressive depth for eye-catching, inspiring, immersive photography and film.

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