RealRoots Food Systems

For RRFS to provide new ways to participate in the ever growing effort to strengthen and steward our environment with a collective, restorative farming model, while utilizing various forms of alternate exchange, and increasing access to culturally relevant foods for the BIPOC and Afro-Caribbean population in the Richmond Metropolitan area.

It is important to note that RealRoots is a business that has been functioning for 2 years already. They do not need start-up money. They need support to realize their full potential — an opportunity to move towards a real model for food sovereignty in Virginia. They are not alone. They are not the first.

Their ongoing Kickstarter campaign represents solidarity, not charity. If you help them with a financial contribution, they are truly grateful. And they will try their best to represent Richmond, and Virginia as a whole, on the massive stage of fighting for a just and equitable global food system! Please donate anything you can! 

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