I Thank God For You: A children’s book every parent must have


Rose Duffy is one of the sweetest, most wonderful people you could meet. When we first started talking to Rose, it was way back when she just launched her first YouTube video: Big Picture Window. It’s one of the most touching, heartfelt videos that a mother could dedicate to her children. It’s a connection, a leap of a faith and most importantly, a memory from the past carrying to the future. Every time we reach out to Rose, she is always excited and happy to share her stories with us, her adventures with her music band, and finally her book creation: I Thank God For You!

I Thank God For You is truly inspiring! We received a copy of the book and we are so thrilled and honored to add it to our collection to read to our children, grandchildren, and pass it along for those we deem worthy! The honesty, the feeling of love, the sharing, and the giggles are part of what makes I Thank God For You an all time favorite. If you haven’t purchased the book yet, we suggest that you do so right away: Click here to get it!  Here is the interview we had with Rose.

1. Rose, you’ve written your first children’s book. How did this come about?

I actually wrote “I Thank God for You” years ago when my adult kids were little. I tried to have it published back then but it didn’t quite make the cut. Through several roadblocks, I continued to believe in this book, and I never gave up. It’s now time to share its many positive messages.

The old saying “Things happen for a reason” is true. I recently wrote a song to go with this book. I don’t think this would have happened had it been published earlier.

2. What is this book and song about?

Together, they make for an endearing bedtime ritual, which will help tuck little ones into bed with that “feel-good” feeling. The book and song are both jam-packed with messages that are so important to instill into the hearts and minds of our loved ones at a very young age.

3. What is the target age for your book/song?

Since it is never too early to sing and/or read to our little ones, I’d say the age range is from birth to about 5 years old. It will make for a perfect baby shower gift, Mothers Day gift, or other holiday present.

4. There are a lot of children’s books out there. What will make this book/song stand out?

Kids will actually look forward to bedtime. It is a fun way to pray together. You won’t have to announce “It’s time to pray.” It will just happen naturally.

There is a girl version and a boy version of the book to choose from.

Also, there are motions that go with this book – similar to The Macarena or YMCA (but in a settling-down-for-the-night fashion). One of the motions is where the mommy and little one together take the blanket and shake away any frustrations they may have had with each other that day. I love this message of “forgiveness. “ I was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years and was a very patient mom. Having said this, there were times when I’d lay down at night and think “I wish I would have been a little more patient with my kids.” I love the idea of taking the blanket and shaking away any frustrations. It teaches little ones never to go to bed mad. This message will stay with them forever.

5. Did you have any challenges along the way?

Yes, most definitely! For example, I went through a publishing company a couple of years ago. The company ripped me off — $1,700 is a lot of money for me to lose! I could have gotten my money back through conciliation court, but I chose to keep negativity out of my life and I chose to push through this project in a positive way.

6. Will there be any book signings?

I will be interviewed by Lori and Julia from MyTalk 107 some time in March. I’m in the planning stages of how to make the most of this interview. A book signing is definitely in the works, but I don’t have anything solid yet

7. Do you foresee a sequel to this book in the near future?

Yes! I have three adult kids. The illustrations for the girl book are based on pictures of my daughter from when she was a little girl. The illustrations for the boy book are based on pictures of one of my sons from when he was a little boy. I have begun to write the sequel with more positive messages and, of course, the illustrations will be based on pictures of my other son from when he was a little boy. I’m hoping to recoup my investments first since I’m out of funds for now.

8. How can people buy this book?

People can buy directly through me in person or they can visit my website at www.RoseDuffyCreations to order online.

9. Rose, you work full-time, you’re a part-time musician as a saxophonist, you write songs and now you’re a children’s book author. Do you ever sleep?

Not much, I guess. I’ve been blessed with a lot of energy. I do a lot of thinking/writing on the bus to and from work. I’m at my happiest when I’m creating.

10. All the best to you, Rose!

Thank you so much. I hope to personally meet a lot of people and their kids through this project.

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