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The Packsture Jacket is the jacket I want to use every day


Wow, is it cold outside today! Right now, it’s -4 with the wind chill. It’s a good thing I don’t have to go out much today, and when I do, I have my Packsture jacket to keep me warm! I just had a chance to try one out, and can’t wait to get one of my own. The Packsture jacket comes in black, which is stylish, and goes with everything. It’s lightweight, not bulky, but its triple layer design keeps me warmer than my old down jacket. The Packsture jacket is good for all seasons, too – not just freezing days. Features such as the underarm mesh lined venting help keep you from overheating when the weather is more moderate.

This is not a day to take off the removable hood, but that’s still a nice feature for other days. The hood can accommodate a helmet when needed. When it’s not so cold out, I like to take the hood off so it’s out of the way when I don’t need it. But that’s far from the best feature of this beautiful creation. On a day like today, that would be the 3MTM ThinsulateTM micro-lining, which keeps me so warm and comfortable!

This jacket has so many features, I’m not sure I’ve discovered them all yet. I know that it’s breathable, waterproof, anti-shrink, anti-bacterial, and durable. The Packsture jacket material resists ripping and puncturing. It worked well against the brutally cold wind that is blowing outside today. Thoughtful finishing touches help with protection against the elements, and they also show the high quality of the jacket– things such as the taped seams, high collar, snow cuffs, powder skirt, storm flap, built in thumb holes, adjustable wrist closure, hem draw string cord with side adjustments, jacket to pant interface, and a soft chin guard. The things that give it windbreaker properties also keep me warm since the wind doesn’t get through.

As if the jacket being warm, waterproof, and high quality weren’t enough, the jacket also comes with something that makes me very happy – storage. I LOVE pockets, and this jacket even has enough for me! I can store so much in my jacket because of the pockets that are located all over it. Some are in the front, but there are also ones inside, on the sleeves, and even in the back of the jacket. It’s easy to store things like a ski pass, goggles, phone, tablet, passport, ear buds (where they won’t get tangled, or pulled out), sunglasses, and even a powerbank!

Packsture didn’t stop there, though. They took their amazing jacket, and added more features for even more safety and convenience. Things like a lens cleaner cloth can be very handy if you’re taking pictures, or if you wear glasses or goggles. Safety reflector strips increase your visibility in the dark or when there is bad weather, which makes you more safe. Anti-slip shoulders help you keep from struggling with your bag. The jacket comes with a keychain which provides a place for you to secure your keys to the inside of the jacket so they don’t get dropped accidentally and lost, or become difficult to find. The sturdy included bottle opener can be very handy, as can the portable compact compass. There’s an outdoor survival whistle which we all hope we never need, but it will be great to have if we do!

I’m sure I missed some of the many wonderful features of this incredible jacket. I look forward to discovering more about this amazing Packsture jacket!

Like I said, I can’t wait to get a Packsture jacket of my own. The jacket is available exclusively on Kickstarter, starting February 5, 2019. Check it out! If you sign up, you can be eligible for the incredible 75% off deal, only on Kickstarter:
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