I am a ski lover and when I was small during my winter holidays I always wanted to watch the ski competitions, biathlons and ski jumping. I always dreamed to visit this place because all the ski tournaments were organized here. Together with my brother we decided to visit it but not in the winter period but in spring. We wanted to see its natural beauty and to find out how is it when not covered with snow.

Our trip was a business visit to Germany bit on our way back we use the opportunity to check out how this place looks actually. After our meeting with specific persons we decided to have a break before starting to explore the wanted location. We drank coffee and ate some chocolate cake just to boost our energy level.

After all, we set in our car and drove to the wonderful winter destination. When we arrived there we were excited because you suddenly realize that it is not like on the TV screens.

All the ski trails and ski hills were green because of the grass not white like snow. It was expected but it looks very different in live.

There was a special equip that maintain the place and prepare it for the next season. On our way was a Castle that was built for Ludwig II of Bavaria. We also visited this place and had a coffee break. We enjoyed the lovely view of the green surfaces and refresh our minds and souls. It was an amazing experience especially if you love the winter sports actions.

Garmish Panter Kirchen is located in the region of Bavaria and it is formed when to towns united. It is a great and famous location for skiing, snowboarding, hiking and ice skiing. Many world famous skiers comes here to participate in the winter competitions and also for ski trainings. There are ski jumps and alpine ski world cup that are held in this great area. The place is a great resort for the winter actions and it attracts with its natural beauty. Garmisch is considered as amore fashionable place while Partenkirchen is built more on Bavarian style. However it is a great place worth to be visited.

We were glad that we had this chance to see this place and we would be more excited if we come back again but for skiing or hiking. Our next goal is to come here with our friends during the world ski cup to watch the ski jumps and meet some extraordinary skiers.

Next winter we would be here organized and hope for more days because we want to feel the excitement while the ski tournaments last. It would be a great pleasure to be a part of it as a spectator and who knows maybe some day as a participant.

It is a great winter location that is world known and that is worth visiting. Next time would be more interesting because we will be a group of people who love and enjoy the winter sports adventures.

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