We at Human Diaries are always excited to share wonderful stories with our reader. We would like to congratulate Shawn and Leigh on their business launch on Kickstarter. Their Anchor product surely got our attention because of the material they used and the problem it solves. It can be helpful with so many of our electronic gadgets. In fact, we think that every household should have one. Not only is it sculpted 6061 aluminum, built to be rock-solid, but it is also great-looking! Please join us in reading about Shawn and Leigh from North Carolina and their interesting Kickstarter Adventure.

Shawn and Leigh White, we are a husband and wife team behind start-up Transfixion Design LLC. Leigh has a background in finance. Shawn is a designer and licensed mechanical engineer with over 19 years of product development experience in aerospace, music, and security industries.

The desire to start his own company manifested into a unique vision and passion for creating rock solid designs that are visually striking yet functional. Together, Shawn and Leigh designed one of their first offerings, Anchor, a Sculpted Device Stand for iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, iPhone and more.

Having owned numerous device stands and holders ourselves, we found that they were all mostly functional but all of them look so utilitarian and unattractive. So, we designed and hand machined Anchor, a great-looking stand that provides rock-solid support for your devices and high-tech gear. Anchor stand is custom sculpted, magnetically assembled, CNC machined from a solid Aluminum billet.

The magnetic assembly makes Anchor stand portable so you can take it anywhere with you and still be assured that your devices are resting on a rock solid stand. Each unit has no-slip rubber feet and pads to protect your devices and surfaces. Anchor Stand is made in our own machine shop in Matthews, NC.

For more details and information on Anchor, go to their Kickstarter campaign.

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