While browsing online recently, one of our staff members saw an intriguing product. We like the idea of this product so much that we decided to write about it! The product is called mBand, and it’s basically a ring with an emergency button. If the person wearing it is in danger, a quick press of the button summons help and provides the GPS coordinates of the ring. The product is marketed as a wearable safety device for women, but I honestly think it could be helpful for anyone!

mBand is an amazing personal protection ring that was created by Rachel Owens and uploaded to Kickstarter to help empower women and reassure the people who love them. With one click of a button, mBand will send a text message to an emergency response center where a trained professional will dispatch the police to your exact GPS location. Simultaneously, the mBand sends the exact same text and coordinates to up to four of your pre-selected community contacts. There is also a cancel button in case you no longer need help or just accidentally clicked the alarm button, but you will need to enter a PIN to make sure the cancellation is legitimate.

One thing that was particularly impressive is how they built in a way to donate mBands to organizations that are dedicated to ending violence against women. What a noble cause!

For more details and information on mBand, go to their Kickstarter campaign.


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