KYON is the first pet collar with embedded GPS technology and the only one with an LED display that makes communication with your pet easy! We think that it is a great that it has a GPS to locate your missing pet! For so many years people used flyers, reaching out to friends and family members to locate a missing pet. Recently, people used social media to spread the word about missing pets but this is a game changer! Instead of trying (often unsuccessfully) to find a missing pet based on potential sightings, now you can find your pet’s exact location, no guessing or waiting involved.

Think of the purchase price as an insurance policy for your furry friend. There are many good features on this device; some that could literately save your pet’s life. Essential KYON features are a walk reminder, GSM notifications, technology that detects if your pet enters water or overheats, and of course the GPS tracking. It even has a feature that emits an uncomfortable but harmless high frequency sound, undetectable by humans, that will stop dogs from barking or even fighting.

The KYON Collar works with a user-friendly mobile application. It allows the user to monitor, track, and receive information or alerts about their pets. This unique tracking device is available and fully functional in more than 120 countries world-wide. Pretty impressive!!

KYON Specifications:

ΚΥΟΝ uniquely combines the basic collar function with advanced technology to locate your pet at all times, providing useful information for its health, mood and activity levels.


Dimensions: 390 mm x 17.8 mm x 8.8 mm
Weight: 60 g.
Wireless modules: GPRS/3G, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: Rechargeable 420 mAh LiPo
Sensors: 9-Axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, 2 x temperature sensors, altimeter (barometric pressure sensor)
Material: TPE
Other: Water resistant/IP 67

For more details and information on KYON Collar, go to their Kickstarter campaign.

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