Ah, the joys of parenthood! Recently, my 12 year old daughter had a friend visit and stay overnight for a sleepover. The next morning, I wanted them to get ready because the girl’s mom was going to pick her up. We’ll just use the friend’s first initial, E. I call my daughter “Bug” sometimes because she was as cute as a bug as a baby. (She’s now growing up and is more beautiful than cute.) She’s also very creative, imaginative, and funny. You’ll see what I mean in the following text conversation I had with her that morning. I didn’t feel like yelling up the stairs, especially since she had her bedroom door closed, so I just texted her.

I just didn’t know what I had started!

Me: <3
Bug: Hi
M: Hi
(8:51 am): You might want to have breakfast since E is leaving at 10
B (8:52 am): But we just set up our enemy war base.
M: Yeradork
B: European.
M: No, I finished that a while ago
(laughing face)
B: But we just made a buffet and mossfur just caught a bird
M: Well, you can eat while Mossfur does
B: And I just taught E. how use her enemy war knife.
M: Well, use the knife to cut your food
B: But the buffet is a hat full of Christmas bows
M: Bug, you two need to eat breakfast
You can battle afterwards
It’s not good to go to war with an empty stomach
B: Fine. I’ll just pause the war of Lythan for Gonder to eat breakfast, but we are bringing our battle cat with us.
M: No animals at the table

She and E came down a minute or two later, and one of them was carrying a stuffed animal. They enjoyed their breakfast of pancakes, and managed to finish eating (but not changing out of their pajamas) by the time E’s mom came for her.

See, she has a sense of humor. I wonder where she got it? 😉

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