Creativity runs in the family! Growing up with a fine craft jeweler as a father and a successful businesswoman as a mother, Alicia took the lead and is now building the foundation for her newly developed business and following her passion to deliver custom cakes to her customers. “They have both solidified my own creativity and business sense” Alicia said in regards to her parents.

The cakes are truly works of art – both beautiful and tasty. In her words: “Imagine a world where the streets are lined with gold, you’re surrounded by lush lands of abundance and creativity, fluffy puppy dogs, love and laughter. That’s how I feel when I create; an absolute rich fulfillment of peace, joy and calm. As a cake artist my goal is simply to sweeten your taste buds, leave a smile on your face and sweet memories of your special days.”

We were excited to interview Alicia and learn more about what she does to make her magic happen! Please join us in congratulating Alicia on making her dream a reality.

Hi Alicia! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

A – I am the oldest of 5 and found myself always in the kitchen preparing meals for my family while my parents ran their family business. I always enjoyed sweets; I remember I would go to the corner store each morning before school and buy penny candy for my friends and me. Always been creative; wanted to study interior design in college; my immigrant parents disapproved said it wasn’t a real career path lol. Graduated with a psych degree instead; creativity in me never left. Went on a trip with my aunt to Wisconsin, found a thrift store and of all things I bought an old metal flour sifter. I still have it – I believe it was blessed by gifted hands. Started collecting baking equipment books and started this journey.

Q – What school did you go to?

A – Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey

Q – I remember when I was in college that I liked my science professor most; he always had some funny and interesting ways of explaining things and it really helped shape the way I was learning. I always ask my step-children or sometimes their friends if they have any favorites! Of course they do. I am assuming you have had a similar experience?

A – I don’t mind… my most memorable teacher was my 5th grade teacher (when her name comes to me I’ll let you know) but she was so strict she molded me and whipped me into shape daily. She had only high expectations of me; I had a love hate relationship with her. She would pull me by my ear and walk me to the trashcan to spit out my gum. I remember her rewarding our efforts by taking the students who excelled on the weekends on her time – to the museum, park, pizza, outings, stuff like that. She reinforced that excellence will be rewarded; I love and appreciated her for that.

Q – Recently, you started a business called the Alicia Company. It looks like it is a family owned business; could you tell me a bit about this business?

Alicia's Custom Cake
Alicia’s Custom Cake

A – The Alicia Company is a family owned business. We are an online business; a dessert company that caters to parties of 1 to 200 people. We have an awesome design team that can create your custom cake. We enjoy being the sweet ending at any meal with our classic dinner cakes like our three layer chocolate fudge cake, a burst of lemon layer cake or a weeknight pineapple upside down cake. Food is life, we can guide you into a dessert cake choice to complete your dinner as fine wine and spirits does for a meal. We have specialty cheesecakes where we slide a layer of cheesecake in between two layers of carrot, red velvet, or lemon cakes, all covered with a lightly sweetened fluffy meringue butter cream. We love experimenting and balancing flavors. Our newest addition to the menu is a creamy banana foster cake filled with French vanilla pudding and topped with caramelized bananas. We also have a line of cupcakes that is sure to make you smile. We cater to most all occasions. All of our cakes are scratch baked to order using quality ingredients.

Q – In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about what you do?

A – The hardest thing I find about being a cake designer is that there are so many different niches and changing trends in the industry that you want to try your hand at them all. I’ve found it is best to choose one or two of the areas that you enjoy the most or are the best at, perfect and evolve with it instead of being a jack of all trades. It’s easy to become burnt out that way.

Q – Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished thus far?

A – I am extremely pleased at where I am with this venture. I have spent countless hours perfecting recipes, breaking down pricing, learning conversions, building a clientele, forming professional relationships, becoming involved in social media; which is an absolute stretch for me seeing what’s to come. I’m more than satisfied.

Q – What plans do you have for the future?

A – My future plans are to be a competitor of Harry and David’s gourmet gifts. Harry and David ships gourmet food items in addition to specialty bakery items and flowers, all over the country. I would like to have my company’s desserts shipped throughout the country as well. I also plan on revamping the look of the ice cream truck with dessert trucks that go around and sell gourmet desserts instead.

Q – What do you think of Human Diaries?

A – I love that Human Diaries gives people opportunities to tell their stories, express themselves, share with others, and create bonds with people they may never meet in their lifetime. Human Diaries is informative and I think a lot cultural where you’re able to learn about so many different walks of life. Human Diaries is great!

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  1. Hi Alicia, I loved this story. What really hits home is the need to do something you love as well as inspires your creativity. Your cake picture is beautiful! How far do you deliver presently? I live in Freehold, N.J. and I’m always looking to have stuff delivered ♡

    Best of luck & continued success to you! ♧

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