It’s the 2nd week in July and there’s been a serious overcast with some stormy days here in Philadelphia.  Although it’s hot and humid all I can think about are the seasons changing over the next couple of months, where the cool temps make their entrance and the leaves start turning from vibrant greens to shades of gold and orange.  It’s such a grounding time for me. I’m kinda siked about it.

Summer’s great but without a clean crisp sea nearby the heat can easily become overwhelming to me.  We’ll be coming out of wedding season, the fancy, the fluff and the florals to a more subdued tone where the air is bold and the flavors are rich and charming.  Thanks to my dear friend that has been oh so patient with me, that Salted Caramel cake covered in that special chocolate fudge icing that you love will be right on time.

The all time favorite Pineapple Upside Down cake will be turned around with fresh picked apples and a sweet brown sugar topped over our rich butter cake.  There’s such a wonder living in Pennsylvania where there’s orchards, vineyards and farms right outside of Philadelphia for your liking.  As far as a fall inspired cheesecake, I’m not quite sure, pumpkin is always a favorite but I’m leaning towards those jeweled sweet potatoes.  I’ll be calling my sis up for some help on this one.  She makes a  fresh sweet potato pie with hints of nutmeg and ginger that is more than love.  And now thoughts on pies..

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