Over years of observation, I have noticed that fish not only have emotions, relationships, families, and homes, but human emotions, relationships, families, and homes. People say that the case with most animals is that they just mimic what they see, but I have noticed that in my house they have little to no contact with observing my family. A simple example would be that ever since my fish, Flame, has been pregnant the father, Streak, has been attacked all day and night by Summer, another male fish, who has no other lemon sword tails in the tank to interact with. The couple who will have babies is a pair of red wag platy sword tails. My frogs also seem to be taking part in acting like humans. Them, along with other my red tailed shark and Chinese algae eater seem to find a hidden spot to call home. They protect them just like you probably would if you had no security system. I’m not saying that fish are like tiny, underwater humans, though. Most of them lay eggs and they have no law or order. They also eat about ninety-five percent of their children. Also, the babies that aren’t eaten are let go after less than six months.


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