Once upon a time there was a very little little old groblin who lived on 19th street and she was playing with a Pou named pou because they almost all of them are named Pou. Then she tripped and fell on the Pou. She yelled aaah!! and accidentally bit the pou, who was okay because he had special saliva like all other pous. In her head she was thinking wow! I haven’t had non-soy Pou for years!and it tastes great,but on the outside she said. “I’m so sorry, would you like to stay for dinner. I saved some marshmallows for a special time to make pie and it seems like tonight will do just fine” The little Pou stayed and talked with the old groblin and then it was dinner time.

She baked the most perfect marshmallow pie in the history of pies. She even added some pou poison, the only poison that can get through the magic saliva. She kept it from a Pou hunting date that she had with her old boyfriend. Pou gobbled up the pie and went home. Where he started to feel sick, but then he went over to the old lady’s house where she tried to eat him, but she was old and he was little. She was about to eat him when he offered her a pie. she ate it and then she passed out and died like the other groblins did. It was a marshmallow grainbow pie.

The End


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