People want to know the meaning of life.
People are scared of death.
I believe that life has no meaning,
And that we are so small.
We are also so large.
That’s why I don’t care.

I think it’s weird that people have so much care
Surrounding them, yet they think about life.
They think about why it’s there. Then people do large
Things just to impress other humans. People are paranoid about death
Because it’s unknown. Everything is small
Compared to something. What is the meaning

Of anything? No one knows the meaning
Like those who have truly felt it. People should care
More about others and small
Animals. After all, everything should value its life.
Some humans run toward death
While others run away. The list of possibilities is so large

That no one could believe it. Everything is so large
Compared to something. No human knows or will ever know the meaning
Of anything because other than death,
There might not be one. People should care
Where they are going because in life
There are no winners, but you can try to do many things in the small

Span of life you have. Choose with even the small
Details even though in the long run no choice makes a large
Impact on humanity. Every choice leads you down a path of life.
Some humans live lives that to them contain meaning,
Some people do care
About where they are going. If you wait until just before death

To do something, it will be too late for you to do something,
Anything at all. Even if its small
It will and won’t make a large
Change in the long run. If you don’t give your life meaning,
It will be too late to have a life

Worth living. There is life, and there is death.
The meaning of which could be small,
Or large depending on how much you care.

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