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    Melissa Mistretta

    Thank you Gordana for sharing. The power and feeling behind your words radiates a warmth that sooths the soul. I too, enjoy my work and it is part of who I am. I am blessed with both a fulfilling family and professional life. The challenge I find in this world is staying clear of negativity. Inspirational thoughts do help, and I do thank you for the reminder.

    Melissa M. Mistretta

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    A “GODDESS OF SPIRIT” and „Female Heart“ in every sense of the word who summons the World’s people to engage their “Individual Spirit”. Once we acknowledge „Spirit“ and declare the simplicity of it’s power, do we begin to overcome, defeat, destroy invaders of doubt and negativity. Look more deeply, listen more closely to the „Power of Spirit“ in her talk beyond the words! {TheOneWhoIs}

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