The MT

The WESN MT Keychain Multitool is a titanium multi purpose tool with a low profile for easy daily carry.  The team at WESN are fixated on the concept of creating goods with a purpose. Behind the scenes, they’ve long been working on defining what is needed to make the perfect, modern multi-tool… and now, it’s here.


Milled of a single piece of high strength titanium and dialing in on classic WESN Minimalism, the MT clocks in at just 2.75 inches in length and .75 inches wide. The tool features a flathead screwdriver / scraper, a bottle opener, and pry bar.

A multi-tool specifically made to tackle modern tasks

Cracking open a cold beer at the family BBQ; tightening a screw or opening a box; prying open that stubborn paint can lid while fixing up the apartment… The MT is there for it all. 

Don’t let the simple appearance fool you. The MT is sleek, sturdy, and ready to put in work.

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