Sports activities are great for our health and they help us to lose or maintain weight, and improve our health. Jogging is one of the sports activities that doesn’t require special gear. You only need some comfortable sneakers and good clothes. There are great tools for this type of activity you can find on the market. You don’t need a partner for jogging. Yes, it is maybe more interesting and you feel more motivated when you have company, but you can take your headphones to listen to your favourite music and to motivate yourself.

My jogging trail is located in Skopje in my living place where I usually run with my friend. I have practiced this for years in my free time. Sometimes I combine my jogging action with some extra exercises to strengthen the muscles and lose belly fat.

We usually run around 5 to 8 kilometers depends on our condition and time. We prepare ourselves for a tournament that is held every year in May. It is called Skopje Wiiz air marathon. I have already participated in this marathon and this year we are having special training to improve over our previous results.

We had everyday sprints and regular running training combined with other exercising for improving our running score. This year we want better results and who knows maybe we can be on the top three positions and be on the pedestal of top three participants. My friend and I have been training hard and all that because we want to prove to ourselves that we can do better than last year.

We took lessons from an experienced coach and this is why we believe we would be better than we were previously. This year we are registered in a group running. This is a special category where the team consists of 5 or more participants. We train every day and we are sure that we can have great results. Every one of us is training very hard and gives our best. When every member of the team has the same wish he accepts the challenge and will try his best.

The award is a proper amount of money. We decided that if we win the race we will invest the money in some travel destination from our travel list. If not we could work more just to obtain the needed money for our next trip.

The marathon is organized by the city of Skopje and the air company Wizz Air. A lot of participants register each year and this year too. We know that there are a lot of runners but we know that we had hard training and that’s why we believe that we could win the marathon.

However, the training is great and we had a good time when practicing them. We are now better than the last year and who knows maybe we will achieve our goal. The most interesting thing is to participate not to win.

The expectations are high but we don’t want to be disappointed and that’s why we had a lot of practice.

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