Recently, we made the decision to get a kitten.  Well, two, actually.  We didn’t have any luck finding any, but my daughter found a cat she liked, named Boris.  We went to the pet store to adopt him, and found out we first needed to fill out an application.  While we were there, my son noticed a cat named Goose that he wanted to adopt.  So, we listed both of them on the paperwork.  We were approved, but Boris wasn’t ready to go home with us.  He had an ear infection, and they wanted to make sure it cleared up first.  So, we took Goose home and changed his name to Oliver.  A week later, Boris was ready.

So, after our “one cat week”, we became a two cat household.

We were excited to bring Boris home, but we weren’t sure how the two cats would get along.  Well, that was another adjustment we had!  At first, Boris was very shy, and hid all of the time.  One time we couldn’t find him for quite a while.  Eventually, I found him under a desk, way back near the wall, hiding in some items under there.  He would nervously sniff things around the house.  Even though he is older and weighs a few pounds more than Oliver, he seemed to be afraid of him.

At first, Oliver and Boris didn’t really get along.  They didn’t seem to like each other, and didn’t want to be together.  After a while, Boris came out of his shell in a big way!  Also, the cats get along now.  They play and wrestle together all of the time (when they’re not napping, that is).

Boris is mellow and sweet.  When he’s in the mood to be cuddly, he purrs loudly.  He loves to sit on the windowsills in different rooms of the house.

Poor Boris.  I’m happy my daughter noticed him.  He’s the type of cat who is hard to place.  First of all, he’s a black cat.  I guess because of superstitions, black cats are reportedly much harder to get adopted.  Luckily, we don’t buy into any of that.  Second of all, Boris is two years old and weighs 12 pounds.  The older and bigger the cats, apparently the less in demand they are.  Kittens, or at least cats under a year old, are the most sought after.  Strike three for poor Boris is that something happened to him in the past, and he only has a little stump of a tail.  Many people want a ‘perfect’ cat.  But, none of that mattered to us.  Boris is a sweet cat, and my daughter particularly loves that he’s a black cat with green eyes.

Boris ended up fitting into our home perfectly.  We all are very happy that he was able to finally join us!

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