One thing I hadn’t dealt with for a long time was misplacing my glasses. I started wearing glasses when I was in maybe second grade. I always misplaced them then because I didn’t always wear them since I wasn’t used to wearing them, the prescription wasn’t that strong, and I was really young. I remember getting an eyeglass holder at one point. I think my mom got it for me, maybe for my birthday. It had a fake fur lining, and my name or initials on it. I remember it was brown, and it held the glasses in a vertical position. That made it easy to find them in the morning.

When I was in college, I started to wear contact lenses. Years later, I had LASIK surgery. So, there was no worrying about my glasses anymore.

Several years ago, I started to need glasses again. I heard that might happen as I got older. Just like when I was a child, the prescription wasn’t that strong, and I wasn’t used to having them. I tend to take them off frequently. Looking for my glasses became a new pastime again. I tried using one of those cords to let them hang around my neck, but it wasn’t as convenient as I had hoped. I stopped using it after a while, although I still carry it in my purse. At work, I usually keep my glasses on the computer monitor stand where I can easily find them. I just try to put them on top of my head or in a pocket if I take them off when I’m away from my desk. It hasn’t been much of an issue at work.
At home, it’s a bit different. There’s no obvious place to keep my glasses, so I put them in different places all of the time. There are so many different places I can put them, and they don’t always stay where I put them. They’ve fallen off the coffee table, or off of the arm rest of the couch (I know, not the best places to put them). I can usually find them fairly quickly, though.

One day, I had no idea where they were. I looked everywhere I could think they might be. It was early in the morning before work, and before I dropped my daughter off at school. I checked every place I had been that entire morning. I checked inside the couch, between the cushions; I checked under the couch, and on the floor around it. I looked in the kitchen, the bathroom, and every other place I had been, even for a minute. Nothing. My daughter looked, too. I ended up grabbing the older pair that I kept for a spare (since the prescription hadn’t changed much at all). I took my daughter to school, and then looked around the house for my glasses again. I finally had to go to work, wearing the old ones.
After work, I looked some more, but still couldn’t find them. This was the longest I had ever had to search. I finally decided I’d just use the old ones until the new ones turned up somehow.

Later that evening, I decided to do a load of laundry. I walked over toward the laundry room, and saw my glasses on the floor next to the laundry room. I was happy to find them, but a bit confused. I hadn’t been over in that part of the house the entire time my glasses were missing. I couldn’t figure out how they had gotten there. Then I remembered Boris had been caught doing that with several other items in the past. So, it turns out that the cat was the culprit! I also remembered how the same thing had happened to my son several years earlier, at my mom’s house. It turns out that one of her cats and one of mine like to grab eyeglasses and carry them around. I now make sure I don’t leave my glasses unattended where he can grab them!

Maybe Boris thinks he needs to go to the optometrist!

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