Greed is an interesting word. I have always enjoyed money, but I won’t go crazy for it. For example, yesterday my mom gave me ten extra dollars for getting straight A’s on my first quarter report card. I really appreciate the extra money and I am excited about it. However, I am not going to expect this kind of money all the time or do insane things for money. I got the idea for this article because it was mentioned that I would get more money than usual to write this article. I immediately decided to write about money greed, for it is the worst amount of greed and yet the best.

It is the worst because it can take control over your mind and body. This can ruin your social life and you could end up physically or mentally hurting your friends and family. It is the best because without money greed no one would work which is necessary for civilization. I remember that my social studies teacher, Mrs.Canniff, taught the class about the five hallmarks of civilization. One of which is specialized jobs, and without them we are not a civilization. Therefore, if there was no money greed there would be no civilizations.

The problem is that people want more money than they need because science shows that people become immune to happiness. For example, if you get a raise at your job, then you will be happy. Later, you will get used to the happiness and want another raise even if you are making more money than you need. If money didn’t exist and we went back to trading, there would be problems. Money was the solution to those problems. The problem with that is that while solving one problem, another problem was created. A long time from now, people will hopefully come up with a solution to the current problem.

The idea of allowance was a very interesting thing. It is good because it can teach children how to responsibly use money, but most people give their children too much money every week. I know kids that get twenty dollars a week. With no bills or taxes, these children have about one hundred dollars a month. At my age, these kids get rid of all that money by spending all of it on Fridays while walking to Wayne. In addition to getting all of this money, these kids get almost no chores at all. they are so spoiled that they will argue with their parents because they were told to pick toys up off of the floor.

Kids should be taught to work hard for their money and save it so that they can become decent, non-spoiled adults. If a child saved every penny they had until they were in college, they could most likely pay for a down-payment on a house. I am not saying that children should never buy treats for themselves or toys for their friends. In fact, they don’t necessarily need to save money at all. I’m just saying that it is a good idea to make children work for their money and encourage, not force them to save up their money. They should at least know not to spend it all when they get the chance.

I don’t have much experience with people outside of my township, but people here tend to have a lot of money. I don’t know why, they just do. These people buy a bunch of fancy things that they don’t need. It makes sense to buy some things that you don’t need, but not as many as they do. For example, it doesn’t make sense to buy a big house if you live by yourself. I have been to houses that have about six bedrooms and only a few people. A guest bedroom makes sense. Even fruit. If you want to eat a lot of fruit, it makes sense to have fancy fruits or a lot of fruits, but some people just buy fruit for decorations. It would make sense to have a bowl of fake fruit instead of a bowl of real fruit that no one will eat. In conclusion, it makes sense to buy what you want or need, but be reasonable and don’t raise spoiled brats please.

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