Halloween is one of those holidays that some people celebrate, and some don’t. It possibly started out as a religious holiday, but I don’t think many people look at it that way anymore. I forget how old I was when I first found out the meaning behind Halloween. It has definitely changed drastically over the decades! There are many different theories about the origins of the holiday, but it seems they all mention some sort of connection to the dead – offering prayers for the dead, or mocking the power of death (I guess as a type of coping mechanism).

Now it’s mainly just an opportunity for children to dress up and get free candy on the last day of October every year. Some adults also dress up, especially people like teachers of young children. There are often parties for young and old (often separate). Costumes have changed over the years, with new types being incorporated with older ones. I remember years ago, people made their own costumes, with most going as ‘bums’, witches, ‘ghouls’, scarecrows, or something else that didn’t require altering whatever could be found in your closet (or at least not much altering). Others bought premade costumes, often with those thin plastic masks that made your face sweat and obstructed your vision. Those who didn’t have or want to wear the masks wore thick ‘Halloween makeup” that made your face itchy. A few lucky people, like me, sometimes got homemade costumes!

My very first Halloween costume was a homemade ‘Indian’ costume (I know, not very ‘PC’, but that was nearly half a century ago). Over the years, I dressed as a clown, a leopard, King Kong, and Princess Leia, among other things.

If you really want to see something scary, strange, and interesting, look up images for Vintage Halloween Costumes, then 1800s Halloween Costumes, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, etc.

Of course, there are other parts to celebrating Halloween such as decorating your home, carving pumpkins into jack o’lanterns, watching scary movies, and walking through “haunted houses”.

My kids are getting older, but they still enjoy dressing up and going door to door for candy. I like handing out candy at the door and seeing how the kids are dressed up. Does anyone have any other ways they celebrate Halloween?

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