I took a few days off from work so we could go on vacation. For some, that means relaxing at the beach. It was a bit different for us. First, I stayed up Friday night to do laundry after working all week. I wanted to get it done before we left, so I ended up not going to sleep until 2:30 Saturday morning! Saturday was mainly packing, cleaning, and finishing the laundry. We left late in the evening, and didn’t get to our destination until almost 2 am. Somehow, I wasn’t able to sleep in, though!

We did so many things in just a few days, and none of them were easy on us physically! I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone. We went to a farm, a mine, a state park, camping, a drive in, and even went spelunking. I’m worn out, sore, bruised, scratched, and happy.
They say there’s no place like home. I’ll have to agree. I had a wonderful time, but am happy to be home.

Keep watching for more about our adventures in the coming days. I did a little writing in the evenings when I could, but we didn’t have internet access or much time!

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