The Heart Project

From July 10 to July 15 of 2015, there is an event in place called “The Heart Project”. The Heart Project is an event where people draw certain colored hearts on their wrists in correspondence to certain problems that they have. I know that this is a couple days late, but I figured that it was better late than never.

There are ten colors with corresponding problems that people are going through. Red for self harm, yellow for depression, dark green for anorexia, light blue for bulimia, black for suicidal, pink for anxiety, purple for OCD, light green for dyslexia, orange for bipolar, and blue if you’re just supporting.

I thought that this was a great idea and decided immediately after learning about this that I would be participating. If you or somebody you know is going through one of these problems, I highly suggest that you do this or tell that person about The Heart Project. If you don’t have any of these problems, and nobody that you know has any of these problems, you can still help supporting with the blue heart, or by spreading awareness of this project.

If you are dealing with one of these problems just remember that you’re not alone and that there are plenty or people who are willing to help you. Whether it be a friend, family member, professional, or something else, you will always be able to find somebody willing to help.

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