(This episode is written in a format where super fish is talking to you)

So you may be wondering how I ended up here, lying down in a tank while being poked by a human larva. Well… it started yesterday when I was explaining to an electric eel why he can’t spark at random. Then a giant net came and picked up both me and my whole family. Then I was dragged to this place called “land” where I couldn’t breathe or swim. I was then placed in a “bucket” with my family. After that they put this thing called “fish food” in there. I know what food is, but what is “fish?” Since it was food we decided to eat it. Funny, it tasted just like food flakes labeled “fish” at home. So anyway, when we ate it our water was moved around. Then those hairless primates squirted something in our water. We all passed out.

When I woke up almost all of us were separated in different containment systems of water. Also, everybody in my family had absorbed one power from me. Then out of pure luck, a small pupae poked us and said “dat one, dat one!” until the larger one took us out and put us all in smaller containment systems of water with squishy walls. Then I was put in the tank with my new super family. The pupae would not stop poking our containment system of water so tomorrow we plan our escape…

Coming up: Super fish episode six: the escape plans

By: C.D.

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