There is a song that is made up of quotes, and one line that popped into my head recently is:
“Don’t mess too much with your hair or by the time you’re 40 it will look 85.”

I think that’s kind of funny, but also true. So many people spend so much time, money, and effort to improve their looks (and not just their hair). When people are insecure with the way they look, they go through so many different things to try to improve on what they already have. I believe most of the time, though, they’d be better off leaving things as they already are.

We’ve all seen examples of people who overdo it when trying to ‘improve’ themselves. Just about everyone during the eighties is a good example – you should have seen my big hair! People get tans, dye their hair, use makeup, and so many other things. As the saying goes, a little goes a long way with those things. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to know when to stop. Again, most of the time, natural is better. A little ‘improvement’ at times is ok, especially for something like an interview or special occasion, but it’s almost always unnecessary.

The most effective way to look your best is by simply taking care of yourself. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, and learning to de-stress will make you look the best that you possibly can. Even better, it will make you feel good, too!

You’re beautiful just as God made you!


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