Music is a powerful force, and one of my favorite things in life. This article also touched me because of the author’s concern and compassion for fellow humans in need. Lauren Grant is a singing, guitar-playing, sensation in Dallas, Texas. She is currently preparing for the release of her album which is self-titled, “Lauren Grant”.

Lauren Grant
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I have been singing publicly for about 10 years; however, I have been playing the guitar and writing songs for about 15 years. The way music moves me and having a very musically talented family is what inspired me to write, learn how to play guitar, and have a career in music. I grew up around it everywhere we went. My parents were missionaries so luckily I was able to experience the diversity of many different cultures and I feel it has contributed to my creative mind. I enjoy it immensely! It is part of my heart that I can’t let go.

I feel my weaknesses are my fears of things not going as planned, my what-ifs, my trying to control things and learning to let go. Although I have to hand it to this career as it lets me exercise this almost daily – ha! My strength is being able to overcome obstacles and keep on pushing through no matter what. Life has helped me learn that I am way stronger and tougher than I had ever thought I was. I believe we are all capable of so much more than we perceive. As long my performances have a good effect on, or move even one person I am satisfied with them. I feel there is always room for improvement. Right now I envision this all on a much larger scale in the near future. The more lives I can change or have a positive impact on, the better.

Five years from today, I hope to have had at least two albums released and a few accomplished tours. Also I’d like to have utilized my income to helping people in need whether it be food, clothing, shelter or sick or abused people; especially children. I think that when people listen to me sing or hear the lyrics in my songs they are moved because everything I write comes directly from experiences in my life. You can hear and feel the passion. It’s amazing to see it have the wonderful effect on people that it does. The things I’ve been told regarding the way my music has moved someone has been so valuable to my career, as it is one of the main things that has kept me pushing for this on a bigger scale.

I have performed at multiple venues in Nashville, Tennessee, and Texas. Before I started working solely on my album, my most recent accomplishment was winning the Dallas Indie Festival “Artist of The Year”. I was offered a recording contract about six months ago by “Faulconer Productions Music” and the album is being recorded at their location, “CakeMix Recording” in Dallas, TX. They have been amazing to work with! The environment is so comfortable and the album is turning out exactly how I aspired. I really couldn’t ask for more! We are anticipating an album release date of late March or early April 2015, with the album titled “Lauren Grant”. You can keep up with shows and performances and things related at and follow me on

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  1. I haven’t heard you sing yet , but you have a strong character that will help you to move any obsticals in your way, watch out for those and don’t cave into them. Stay true to yourself and you will succeed

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