For years, I’ve thought about telling people’s stories. I’ve read about interviews of the last known survivors of some historical event that tell the world about their experiences. I think that’s a wonderful idea. After all, once the survivors are gone, there’s no good way to get the real story. I’m glad there are people doing that. I would love to be one of them!

I also thought it would be really nice to tell the stories of non-celebrities, especially the elderly. Even if they don’t have earth shattering news stories to convey, they still have a whole lifetime of experiences. Some of the best stories can come from ‘regular’ people! Everyone has some sort of story to tell – some probably have quite a few stories that would entertain and amaze others. That’s what I have been wanting to do – find people with stories to tell. It really doesn’t matter the age of the person, either.

That’s why I am so excited to be a contributor for Human Diaries. I really enjoy the opportunities I have because of it! I can share my writing, learn about people, participate in the forums, post recipes, and also contribute pictures to the Instagram account. I even enjoy the editing!

One reason Human Diaries was created was to provide a place for people to share their experiences with the public. People have stories, and we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to tell their own. If you have something you’d like to share, please let us know. We can find out what sort of story you have, and send you a personalized questionnaire. You can use the questionnaire to do a Q & A format, or just use the questions as a guideline for writing an article. Feel free to add or skip questions to customize your story the way you want to tell it! The story can be about almost anything – the more original and inspiring, the better! People have shared stories with us about how they found their passions in their lives. We’ve had stories from people about careers, military service, helping others, and other aspects of life. Like them, you can use our website to reach a multitude of people with your message.

You might even be chosen to be Citizen of the Month!

Human Diaries is more than just stories of people’s lives, though. It’s a place for things such as helpful hints, safety information, prayers, money saving tips, artistic creations, connecting to others, and even notifications about freebies! Human Diaries is for all people of all ages – children have contributed their drawings, poems, and stories to Human Diaries, too!

If you don’t want to write, you can still enjoy looking at all of the things that Human Diaries has to offer. In addition to inspiring stories, there are recipes, forums, fiction, and so much more. In addition, there are some new features that are just starting, such as a blog, classified ads, and a directory. We recently had a weekly giveaway, and are making plans for the next promotion.

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