Our journey to becoming Barnwood Accessories:

For years we have seen barn after barn collapse due to lack of use and or upkeep and then be left to rot or be burned to clear the area. Each time one of these scenarios were witnessed, a sadness would overcome us. The common thoughts of “why wasn’t that barn saved, rebuilt, or put to another use” would spring to mind.

It took my son’s building a Log home and desire to finish a room using barnwood and timber framing to understand the reasons “why not”. Hard work and expense are the main cause for the demise of those monarchs of the farm. Upkeep is time consuming, labor intensive, costly, and dangerous; not to mention the nearly impossible task of finding a craftsman knowledgeable and experienced with timber frames. It is simply much easier and less expensive to have a company erect a pole building covered with steel or aluminum resulting in a virtually maintenance free “modern” barn.

The task of gathering barnwood and beams began with purchasing the right to salvage materials from a collapsed barn. The barnwood and beams were there for the picking. However, “the picking” originally thought to be a couple of weekend treasure hunts quickly turned into months of free time being consumed. Along the way, long, hard work filled days, hornets and bees, rusty nails, bumps and bruises, sore backs, and “Charlie horses” were encountered. Finally, the salvaging was done but the work had just begun!

Trailer after trailer had to be loaded, transported, and unloaded. The wood had to be denailed, washed, and borate treated to ward off insects and mold. This was followed by separating, cataloging, stacking, and protecting against the weather. The barnwood and beams were now ready for the room beautification project. Once completed, we had the thought; “why not offer others the opportunity to acquire their own barnwood items to treasure for years to come”? That thought brought us to

Throughout our various salvage undertakings, we have obtained numerous types of beams and barnwood along with antiques and materials that we will reuse and repurpose. Our products will be created to satisfy the want for something beautiful from the past for you, our customer and friend.

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