At Barnwood Accessories, we strive to provide our patrons with reclaimed barnwood products as well as rustic yet elegant accessories.

Whether you are planning a dream home construction, considering a vintage-themed remodel, or are simply accentuating your existing decor, we likely have something of interest to you. From architectural design elements to unique furnishings, these treasures speak of craftsmen from years past.


Salvaging begins the journey from new found item to finished product. It encompasses two critical components, the search and the find. The excitement of being on the lookout for the next interesting piece is in many ways what keeps us going. The reward of finding that new and unique item is definitely satisfying. However, the true sense of fulfillment often lies in rescuing an item from its undoubted and eventual demise. At this point, only part of the battle has been won as the uncertainty of “where do we go from here” often times still exists.


Restoring is the process of bringing a salvaged item back to near original condition. For our purposes, this is meant to be minimally invasive and will usually involve delicate cleaning and minor repairs. We prefer to keep the individual components of our products as natural as possible therein maintaining their inherent integrity. Since we do need to inject some level of creativity, this leads to the indispensable theme of repurposing.


Repurposing is the main crux of our business. Salvaging begins the process but if there is no sense of direction or ingenuity, we may have nothing more than a bunch of “stuff”. This is where some vision and creativity is needed. At times, it may be fairly evident what destiny awaits a given salvaged item but at others it can require a significant thought process and numerous attempts to see a creation come to fruition. When we have achieved the desired effect and have brought a treasure full circle, it is only then that feelings of completeness are permitted.

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