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Losing weight is a big challenge for many, but following simple advice will make a huge difference in your weight. You will feel better, you will have more energy, and you can accomplish more. I often get asked by many about the secrets to a healthy life & how to be in shape at all times. The truth is hard work, dedication, and healthy eating habits make the change. Stop stressing about life and write down your goals. It is no secret that a positive mind and attitude will produce a powerful body. Please reach out and like and share this article with your family and friends; I would very much appreciate it. I am always happy and excited to be part of your daily inspiration.

A positive attitude leads to positive results – whether you think you can do something, or think that you can’t, you’re probably right!

Avoid salty and sweet aisles – most of those items (if not all) offer little or no nutrition, but plenty of empty calories

Avoid stress – stress has numerous negative effects on you, including weight gain

Don’t eat too late in the day – it’s best to eat the most earlier in the day, and less later

Don’t skip meals – most people overeat later, and end up taking in more calories than if they had just eaten all of their meals

Eat fish – it contains protein, and the good type of fat

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens – they are very good for you, with plenty of fiber and vitamins, but relatively few calories

Focus on a healthy breakfast – it’s the best way to start your day!

Focus on home meals – you’ll know what’s in your food, and home cooked meals tend to be healthier than commercially prepared ones

Eat while seated, and focus on your food – part of being satisfied with your food is noticing the taste and feel of the food while you eat it. If you’re distracted, you miss out on that part, and may overeat to make up for it

Get enough sleep – being tired weakens your resolve to eat right and exercise (and that’s just some of the disadvantages to not getting enough sleep)

Get up early – get a good start on the day!

Join a gym – and make sure to actually go! Having different types of equipment and people around you can make it easier to stick with a good exercise program

Keep a food diary – then look it over to see if you’re eating right; make changes when needed
Keep active and busy – it’s a healthier way to live

Make your own program – adapt it to suit your needs and lifestyle; it will be easier to stick to something that makes sense to you

Remove junk food from your home – the more you have to work to get junk food, the less likely you are to eat much of it. Keep temptation far away.

Salads are powerful – they provide fiber, vitamins, and a satisfying crunch

Swimming is great – it’s one of the best exercises around, and the incidence of injury is low
Tea is soothing – it comes in so many different flavors and can be a healthy treat; try it plain or with just a touch of honey

Watch portion sizes and count calories – enjoy treats in moderation

Water is powerful – it’s filling, and necessary; being well hydrated is extremely important

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