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When I was young, I was a Girl Scout. I started as a “Brownie”, and stayed in until sometime in high school, I think. Part of being in Girl Scouts was selling cookies. I actually enjoyed selling cookies, and did a pretty good job of it in those pre-internet days. They were somewhere around $1.50 per box, from what I remember. I remember selling more than 100 one year. Back then, we felt safe walking around the extended neighborhood to sell things.

It seems like you either know a bunch of people selling cookies, or can’t find anyone who is selling them! My daughters have sold them in the past, but don’t now. Years ago, we would take orders during the Superbowl party. That was always a way to make plenty of sales!

So much has changed in the past few decades. Some of the cookies have stayed over the years, but some have come and gone. Names have changed. I still use the name “Samoas”, though! Those are probably my favorites. What’s not to like? Chocolate, caramel, and toasted coconut on a cookie base – delicious! Thin Mints have been around for as long as I can remember. They’re very yummy – chocolate and mint flavor on a chocolate cookie. Peanut Butter Patties, AKA Tagalongs, are chocolate and peanut butter on a softer cookie. Trefoils are shortbread cookies. Do-si-dos are peanut butter sandwich cookies. Cranberry Citrus Crisps are a healthier choice, because they contain whole grains and cranberry bits. Lemonades are shortbread cookies topped with lemon icing. Rah-Rah Raisins are apparently new, also have whole grains, and are filled with raisins and Greek yogurt flavored chunks. Savannah Smiles are lemon cookies. Thanks-A-Lot cookies are shortbreads with a layer of fudge on the bottom, and have “thank you” in different languages printed on them. Toffee-tastic cookies are gluten free, and contain bits of toffee. Trios are peanut butter oatmeal cookies with whole grain oats that are also gluten free.

Not all cookies are available in all areas, so you’ll have to check to see if your favorites – or ones that you’d like to try – are near you.

If you don’t know anyone who is selling Girl Scout cookies, you might be able to order them online at That’s probably the biggest change with the Girl Scout cookies. There are often cookie booths set up at different times and places, and now you can also check online to find out when and where. I plan to order from my cousin’s daughter again this year.

The girls get incentive prizes for selling the cookies. The prizes for each level get bigger and better. The best part, though, is that the troop gets a cut of the profits, which funds their activities. Plus, the girls learn skills that can be used throughout their lives.

The cookie sales time started a few days ago, and only lasts a few weeks. Make sure you get yours while you can – and remember, they freeze well!

Enjoy your cookies!

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