My son recently discovered a list of English words that are no longer being used, and shared it with me.  I thought that was such an interesting idea that I decided to look up other obsolete words.  I found quite a few of them, and chose some to share:

Apricity – the sun’s warmth on a cold winter’s day

Beef-witted – stupid

Brabble – to argue loudly about something inconsequential

Callipygian – having beautifully shaped buttocks

Cockalorum – a little man with a high opinion of himself

Corrade – to scrape together from various sources

Crapulous – the feeling of being ill from eating/drinking too much

Curglaff – the shock felt when first plunging into cold water (I find this to be very unpleasant, which is why I would never want to join the polar bear club)

Curmuring – a low rumbling sound produced by the bowels

Deliciate – to indulge oneself

Elflock –hair that has been tangled, as if matted by elves

Englishable – something that may be rendered into English

Freck – to move swiftly or nimbly

Frigorific – causing or producing cold

Fudgel – pretend to work

Fuzzle- to make drunk

Gorgonize – to have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on someone (apparently not necessarily in a bad way, despite the reference to Gorgons)

Groak – to quietly watch someone while they eat, hoping to be invited to join them

Grumpish – a form of grumpy (I can’t figure out why this one went away – it’s funnier than ‘grumpy’)

Hugger-mugger – to act in a secretive manner

Jargogle – to confuse, bamboozle

Jirble – to pour a liquid with an unsteady hand

Lethophobia – the fear of oblivion

Ludibrious – ridiculous

Lumming – heavy rain

Lunting – walking while smoking a pipe

Malagrugrous – dismal

Monsterful – wonderful and extraordinary

Quidnunc – an inquisitive, gossipy person

Quockerwodger – a wooden puppet controlled by strings; can be used as an insult

Resistentialism – the seemingly malevolent behavior displayed by inanimate objects (I’m tempted to remove the word ‘seemingly’ from that sometimes)

Slubberdegullion – a slovenly, slobbering person

Slugabed – lazy person who stays in bed late

Snowbroth – freshly melted snow

Supererogate – to do more than duty requires

Twaddle – to gossip or talk idly (funny the similarity to Twitter…)

Zafty – a person very easily imposed upon

It’s interesting how language evolves over time.  New words come into use, and others fall out of use.  I think it might be a good idea to sometimes bring some words back.  What do you think?

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