People tend to have different opinions when it comes to their list of inspiring people. Despite politics and religious beliefs, this is a list of some of the most inspiring and influential people in the world according to the wide variety of research that we have done. These people have won people’s hearts and minds and left a legacy that will follow for generations to come. If you think that your idols and inspiring people are not listed please make sure to leave that in the comment section.

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Anne Frank (Annelies Marie Frank)
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Nye
Charles De Gaulle
Charlie Chaplin
Diana, Princess of Wales
Gautama Buddha
Jesus of Nazareth
Juan Manuel de Rosas
Julius Caesar
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Maya Angelou
Mikhail Lomonosov
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Mother Teresa
Mr. Rogers
Muhammad Ibn Battuta
Nelson Mandela
Pope Francis
Pope John Paul II
Robin Williams
Saint Peter
The Dalai Lama
Thomas Edison

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