On Sunday, August 2, 2015, the staff of Human Diaries had a VERY full day. We went to a farm, toured a coal mine, picked blackberries, picked wild flowers, peeked at Patton Park, went out on a motor boat at Prince Gallitzin State Park, took hundreds of pictures, visited the Carrolltown American Legion Park, visited family, went to a drive-in movie, and slept in a tent! We actually slept better than anticipated, but of course we woke up kind of early.

So on Monday, we were worn out. After waking up in the tent, I actually went back to sleep inside. WE were all feeling a bit slow and groggy. To say we got a late start would be an understatement! We considered making a trip, but the place we most wanted to go (Ohiopyle) was hours away, and we wouldn’t be able to get there in time for what we wanted to do. We decided to hang out in the area since we couldn’t do what we had hoped. That’s one of the ‘risks’ of being spontaneous, but we made sure to find ways to still enjoy the day.

Two of us drove to a local store for some milk and a few other things. More pictures were taken on the way, of course. At the store, County Market, we found a cute little Jell-o mold kit that we HAD to buy. It contained 4 boxes of Jell-o powder, and two Minion Jell-o molds!


We took care of a few things, such as washing towels. We rode around on the tractor. Then we (of course) had to make the Minion Jell-o jigglers for later in the day. We also took a walk through the woods, up on a hill. When we got back, we collected firewood. Luckily, the place we stay is surrounded by a forest, so there was plenty of firewood to be found.

We built our fire, and made foil packs of turkey sausage and potatoes for dinner. The fire was a huge bonfire that the kids made (under supervision, of course). We had some carrots, and some cucumbers we had picked from our garden and taken along, as well as our Minion Jell-o jigglers. After we ate dinner, we toasted our homemade marshmallows and made s’mores. The homemade marshmallows made them extra yummy! Well, what else do you do when you have a campfire?

It was so nice to sit there by the fire and see the sun set. A light rain started, so it was time to go inside. We were able to get everything in the house before the rain really started. After putting out the fire, we were going to all watch a DVD together, but most of us fell asleep first. Christina watched an episode of Beverly Hillbillies before she went to bed.

So, our ‘failure’ vacation day ended up actually being a success!

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