Most people like to get free things, especially free food. I often see people posting information about free things online. When I first heard about National Doughnut Day, I thought it was nice to have a chance to get free doughnuts. Every year on the first Friday of June, some doughnut stores give away a free donut to each person who stops by. The best part was finding out that they give them away at Krispy Kreme! I assumed it was an advertising tactic.

It turns out that there’s a history behind National Doughnut Day. It all started back in 1917, when women volunteers through the Salvation Army made cooked foods for the soldiers. That fact is not as well publicized as the free doughnuts themselves are! Another thing that I found out is that donations are collected for The Salvation Army where the free donuts are offered, but I haven’t seen that.

Dunkin Donuts is also offering a free donut with the purchase of any beverage.

Entenmann’s is having a contest for someone to win free donuts for a year, as well as other prizes. They will donate money to the Salvation Army for every entry up to $30,000. Information can be found at – good luck!

I got email that Sheetz (Western Pennsylvania) is giving away free donut to Sheetz card holders.

I read that Jiffy Lube is giving free air pressure checks (to avoid using the “donut tire”) and also complimentary donuts.

Some local stores are also participating – check out the area where you live.

Here are some relevant links I found that might be helpful and interesting:

Enjoy your free donuts, and don’t forget to help others!


Have a wonderful weekend, too.


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