Pi Chart
Pi Chart

My son and I like math and numbers.  We enjoy repetitive, consecutive, or palindrome numbers.  3:33 is one of our favorite times of day, as is 12:34.  Pi Day has been a favorite unofficial holiday for us every year.  We usually celebrate with pie – pizza for dinner, and pie for dessert.  It’s a silly but fun little (pun) tradition that we enjoy.

Today is Super Pi Day, because the date (American style) is 3/14/15, and the beginning of Pi is 3.1415.  This morning at 9:26:53 is even better – 3.141592653.  If you don’t want to use military time, it will happen again this evening.

My son has a “Pi chart” in his room that we got him for his birthday one year.  He memorized the first 67 decimals, or as he put it “enough for a stranger to deduce that I have no life” – he’s funny!


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