I enjoy sharing information and pictures with my children. I save links for them, and keep a document of them along with the pictures in a folder called “things to share”. It’s more or less our little “show and tell”. We use our ‘downtime’ to look at these links. I try to find interesting and/or humorous things, because I like to keep their attention. I think it’s cute that they now find things to share with me as well!

One day, I showed them a link I found about “a lot and alot”. The writer of the article found a funny way to teach people about the difference between the correct one, and the incorrect one. Since “alot” isn’t a real word, he said he imagined an animal called an “Alot”, since he saw that written so often. The animal resembles a sort of buffalo-like creature. The article incorporated pictures to show things such as “Alot of bacon”, which was this mythical creature, made of bacon. There was also an “Alot of” many other things. My children really laughed about this, and I can be reasonably certain they will never make that mistake! Here’s the link, in case you would like to read it (it’s worth the time):


This cartoon makes it easy to remember as well. English is such a confusing and inconsistent language, so it’s nice to find easier ways to use it correctly. Do you have any ways to remember difficult aspects of the English language that you can share?


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