Choosing Swim Lessons For Your Child? What To Look For

Water safety is vital for children of all ages and many parents agree that swim lessons are a necessary part of any childhood. These classes can be an excellent way to help ensure that children are comfortable in the water and that they stay safe. If your children aren’t comfortable in the water, use these tips to help prepare them for swimming classes. Once they have the confidence and are comfortable in the water, your kids will be able have fun in the pool.

Group Vs Private Lessons

Some children thrive in a group setting, but others need one on one instruction in order to learn. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding between private and group classes –what’s right for one of your children might be the wrong choice for another. If you’re new to swimming classes, look for a facility that provides both types of classes and allows you to switch halfway through if you decide that your child needs a different instructional style.

Why An Indoor Pool

If you want your children to participate in swim lessons all year round, an indoor pool is your best bet. These pools will help your children become acclimated to the water in a temperature-controlled environment and it also means they won’t need to worry about a slight breeze giving them a chill as they’re getting out of the water. A traditional competition pool is heated to 83 degrees, but small children often do better in a warmer environment so ask what the pool is heated to so you know your kids are warm enough.

Should You Buy Goggles For Your Child’s Swim Lessons?

It’s not uncommon for kids to balk about putting their face in the water. If you’re worried about your child becoming upset about this prospect, ask the instructor if you can purchase goggles for your child to wear. Many instructors encourage their students to wear goggles since this common fear is easy to overcome. Goggles can be purchased from a sporting goods store, but if you forget them, sometimes the pool will have some available. Styles can vary greatly so ask your instructor if there’s a preferred style before purchasing some.

What To Do If Your Child Becomes Upset

Some kids just aren’t comfortable in the pool and are especially upset when they see mom or dad leaving. However, leaving them with a competent swimming instructor is the best thing you can do. Many kids become even more agitated if they see mom or dad so look for a facility with a separate viewing area that gives parents the chance to watch the lesson outside of their child’s eyesight. Afterwards, make sure to praise your child on how they did. Eventually, they’ll be comfortable enough that the tears will be a thing of the past.

It’s vital to understand that although swim lessons are important, they’re not a substitute for active parental supervision. Constant supervision is necessary when your children are in the pool, even if they’re strong swimmers. Swim lessons are just one piece of the puzzle that all parents need to keep their kids safe, whether they’re in a poolFeature Articles, a lake or the ocean.

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