While there are many beautiful and even exotic places you may visit by sea, one of my favorites involves a region of the world near and dear to my heart: Italy. My maternal grandfather emigrated from Palermo, Sicily, Italy in 1918 to escape the desolation left by World War I. He never got to go back. It was his lifelong dream and he spoke about it often when I was a child. So when I got the opportunity to finally go it was a thrilling and fulfilling time that I truly cherish.

The Naples area of Italy is a virtual dreamscape with those who love rocky coastlines, clear waters, mountain backdrops, and old world coastal villages.
First, I traveled north from Amalfi Coast, Italy to Salerno. The views were simply awe-inspiring. Italian villages that were constructed and settled centuries ago dot the coastline. Ancient lighthouses, cathedrals with their classic dome tops, and glistening white homes made me glad that I brought extra memory cards for my digital camera. Other coastal cities to visit include Capri, Naples, Positano, Sorento and Pompei.

One of my wife’s most favorite recently released movies is “Pompeii.” It tells the story of the ancient city of Pompeii which was buried under lava and ash, and abandoned after cruel Mount Vesuvius erupted around 79 A.D. Today, the small coastal town is known as Pompei, Campania, Naples, Italy. This modern version sprang up in 1891 and was founded by Bartolo Longo.
When you visit, there’s an area known as Pompei Scavi.

At this site you can view the ancient ruins of the original settlement of Pompeii. While taking in the beauty and the history, I experienced a strong emotion of sadness for the people who were lost to the volcano, lost in the ash centuries ago.

Another incredibly beautiful site to visit is The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompei. This Roman Catholic Cathedral and minor Basilica was commissioned by Bartolo Longo. Work began around 1873, prior to the settlement becoming an official town. It was consecrated in 1901. Translated, its official name is: The Pontifical Shrine Of The Blessed Virgin Of The Rosary Of Pompei.
If you have the opportunity to cruise the Mediterranean Sea, I highly recommend that you include some of these fabulous points of interest in your itinerary. Although I felt the trip taken was a once in a lifetime yacht sailing experienceScience Articles, I’ve already made plans to return to this ancient region to explore it in more detail.

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