Raisin Nut Spice Cake

One day, my husband was in the mood for chocolate chip muffins, but we didn’t feel like leaving the house. We looked around to see what we could make. I found a spice cake mix, and my husband said it sounded good. After I mixed the batter, I decided to put in some chocolate chips because of the muffins he had wanted. Then my husband came up with the idea of adding some of his ‘trail mix’ he had made to it. The trail mix consisted of walnuts, raisins, pistachios, almonds, and unsalted peanuts.

The cake smelled wonderful as it was baking. It seemed like the kind of cake that would be good served warm, and it was! We have to have it again sometime although I think it would actually be better without the chocolate chips (I can’t believe I’m saying that!).

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