Easter is a spring time holiday celebrated by many people.  There is a religious aspect that starts weeks before the actual day.  Easter is the celebration at the end of a period of fasting and penance.  The dates vary from year to year because they are based on the lunisolar calendar.

People who celebrate this holiday do so in different ways.  Some of the most popular ways involve church, food, candy, and decorations.  Some people who don’t observe Easter for religious reasons still boil and dye eggs, hold Easter egg hunts, and put out baskets for candy from the Easter Bunny.  Some newer traditions involve decorating outside trees or bushes with plastic eggs.

One of the most fascinating Easter traditions to me is the making of amazing pysanky eggs.  Certain people in my family have made them.  I have been thinking about trying to make some as well.  The process involves dying and decorating eggs.  Sometimes pinholes are made in the ends of the raw eggs, and the insides are blown out.  In other cases, the insides simply dry out over time.  The shell of the egg is left intact, and decorated.  My uncle has been making them for years, and they’re really beautiful and have intricate patterns.  Here are some of the ones he’s made:

What traditions do you like about Easter, or whatever springtime holiday you celebrate?


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