Stay ahead of the curve, with an amalgam of technology and learning

Technology-aided learning is all set to change the name of the game in ‘Enterprise Learning’. The rapid pace at which we are experiencing technological changes, is largely affecting the delivery as well as consumption of workforce training.

Any business’ success depends broadly on the knowledge and skill-set of its workforce. We cannot overlook the fact that today, the rate of change in processes is widely dependent on on-the-job training than it used to be earlier.

With Internet becoming a medium of learning, it easily gives way for distributed learning models and numerous learning techniques. The Net has also become a medium well suited to the rising demands in training and education, pertaining to evolving knowledge-based economy. This gives a clear evidence of how significant is Technology-aided Learning.

A number of software solutions providing companies, are now presently at the outline of making a shift towards this new concept of learning. E-learning solutions are now becoming a reflection of the experts’ recommendations. Let us now explore the modern workplace learners’ perspective, and what solutions can cater to their needs.

  • Multi-platform learning experience: With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, the app development market is making an escalating shift from desktop to mobile applications. Thus, the optimal learning solutions have to be compatible with mobile, and must have multi-platform capability. This can help the learning concept to transform into reality for the present-day corporate learners.
  • Diversity in Learning: The extent of what is relevant to the current scenario, comprises largely of the skills and knowledge that empowers a learner to do his job, and do that well. Therefore, it is substantial to go for various trainings that are suited to the learners, and can be accessed according to their own anticipated needs. Training solutions are as successful as these are relevant to the nature of the learner’s work area. Many organizations may not have the built-in capabilities for the increasing need of pertinent learning ability to keep their learners abreast of their changing corporate requirements. There is also a lack of awareness on where to look for help on the same.
  • Interactions via social media and gamification: Social media is a major factor, adding an extra flavor to the learning fundamental. Despite its known popularity, technology-based learning still poses a great challenge to the social rambling. This occurs when learners are not appropriately challenged or motivated. Therefore, with the assistance of various social media tools like chats, discussion boards, blogs, etc. learners can be persuaded to deliberate upon various issues, outside of the regular classroom interactions. This also tremendously boosts the effect of organizational learning.

Learning via games is not a new concept, rather very popular for corporate training skills that include employee engagement, soft skills. Learning through games, is a huge motivations for learners of all age groupsPsychology Articles, as it makes the whole process of knowledge absorption – a lot of fun.

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