We’ve all heard that motherhood is the toughest job in the world. Some people may snicker when they hear that phrase. Obviously, they haven’t a clue.

After all, motherhood is reserved for those who actually do the work. Motherhood is a vulnerability of the heart like no other. Being a mother is a love that we cannot escape from, nor would we want to. It is a test of our strengths and weaknesses, our limits and capabilities.

There is more to motherhood than giving birth. Raising up a child is not to be taken lightly. It takes a village to properly raise a child, and most mothers do well to enlist the finest of people to carry out the task.

While the help is surely appreciated, it is not to be forgotten that the responsibility of that child is that of the mother’s. When things don’t go exactly right, it is the mother who is often in question.

Haven’t we all noticed as mothers, those who believe to know so much than we do? They can see all the answers, while we cannot. Why is that? Who are these people that think they know more about our children than we do?

Allow me to introduce them. They are the people that may have the best intentions, incredible advice, and limitless energy. They are the ones that have been able to sleep when your child is up all night screaming. They are the ones that hear about it the next day. They are the ones without the ultimate responsibility. They are the ones that, no matter how hard they may try, can never love your child the way you do. Why, you may ask, because…YOU are the mother.

You are the person giving all of yourself to another human being. Whether you have given birth to this child, adopted this child, or have found yourself to be the “mother” in that child’s life…you hold the responsibility, no one else. Your heart and soul are totally invested in this little being. It is a mother’s love that should anchor them throughout life.

There is no greater joy or love on this earth than that of being a mother. Motherhood is a complete and pure love, and has a spiritual quality that only a mother can truly understand. Having a child is the greatest blessing God can give, no matter how that child is brought to you.

Ironically, it is around this time in your life that you come to appreciate your own mother and all she has given you. You now have a deeper understanding and respect for the love and responsibility she had. So on Mother’s Day, you should reflect on all you have learned and experienced, as a mother AND a child. Your greatest gift today is having the toughest job in the world and loving every minute of it.

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