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Human Diaries main purpose is to deliver quality materials for everyone around the world that is interested in reading real time inspiring stories.

We have enjoyed sharing our knowledge with you and hope to continue doing so. However, we also realize that it is equally important to have others share their knowledge and experience with everyone as well.

To achieve this together, we love to invite your participation and help to provide our valued readers with quality articles and interesting insights!

Who can become a Human Diaries Writer?

Anyone! We do not necessarily require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger.

One important factor is that you need to know exactly what you are talking about and be certain that you can write well; possessing good writing skills is critical.

In order to maintain a high quality for our articles, every article will undergo a review before acceptance.

Human Diaries is dedicated to sharing high quality articles with our readership, and we reserve the right to decline or remove any article that we consider does not reach the standards we have set, without stating reasons.

Why Write for Human Diaries?

Human Diaries has seen some phenomenal growth and here is what we can offer you.

  • Each writer is acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to their official website and social media accounts as well as a short but detailed biography.
  • Great exposure to a persistently huge growing traffic.
  • Received recognition and appreciation from a group of loyal audiences.
  • Play an integral part in the growth of the design and development community by sharing your talents, skills and knowledge.

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