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    Nice interview, sounds like a man that gets his work done fast but more than willing to please his clients. The type of house is the most important factor and he stressed that than the price. Staying within budget is very hard to do so his knowledge in the market , stocks , mutuals ect.. Gives him a great edge.
    Your a very well educated man and seems like it would be pleasant doing business, because you don’t push, you offer, step back and wait.
    If I was looking for a home , I would consider you as I usually do my homework also, when I’m making a huge purchase
    Good Luck in the future

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    Human Diaries

    Thank you Christine! John is such an amazing REALTOR! We’ve known him for a very long time and he sure deserves the recognition. He does his job well and does it with a smile. This interview is a true testament of his hard work and dedication to his clients. You should listen to his funny jokes lol

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