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Hi! I'm a mother of three wonderful, amazing, children and wife to an incredible, loving, and supportive husband. I enjoy gardening, knitting, reading, and writing. Family is everything to me.

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    With the text that I read,I find Mr.Jeff Yeager a well organised person,who has travelled well,and is living a life on his own terms. ( All of us would wish the same too ).
    But for a few Hiccups,I can proudly say that I’ve been living my life on my terms. I am Blessed. Alhamdulillah. I live on my farm,in a small cottage. Enough 2 accommodate two people. Have travelled a lot,lived a Princely life,also lived a Pauper’s life,and things are looking Up again!
    I wrote this for all to know,till one has not experienced the White and Black Shades of life,they will not understand the meaning of Need and Want.I feel,Mr Jeff has been through the Grind,and that’s the reason he understands Life so well.
    All said n Done, I will always carry a cell phone where ever I go.
    Ciao Guys. Good Night.
    Regards- Masood M.Ali

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    Human Diaries

    Thank you for your input Mr. Masoodm, We are always willing to learn about various ways to improve our lives and get more experiences in, while keeping it “CHEAP”; Have a good weekend!

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